Below are the processes that we adhere to; so that we may provide the best customer service possible - from start to finish. Customer service and quality work is our main priority.

You request an estimate or quote.

An estimate can be done over the phone or over email. For complicated projects, an onsite quote will be conducted. Onsite quotes have a $25 charge; however, if we are hired, the $25 fee will be waived.

Material & Labor

Normally, the material is purchased by the customer. We can purchase the material for the customer; however, we will add a $25 service fee for picking up the material. The material will be "at cost" to the customer.


Once the customer decides to work with Too Easy Enterprise LLC, we will schedule the work - usually within a week, if not sooner. A text message will be sent when the job is scheduled, a photo of the tech, and when the tech is on-the-move.

Text messages and emails will be sent throughout the process in order to keep you informed.


Techs at Work

A professional - background checked - tech will arrive to your address. During this time, he will go over the scope of work to ensure that nothing is missed. The tech will have you sign the scope of work, before and after the service.

When arriving at your home, the tech will perform his work, clean up his/her area, and wear disposable shoe covers while in your home.

After completion of the work, the tech will present the customer the completion of the project.

Once the customer is satisfied, the tech will take payment - payment can be cash, checks, or credit cards. After payment, a receipt and paid invoice will be sent to the customer's email address.

The Day After the Project...and beyond

A Too Easy Enterprise LLC representative will contact you to get feedback on the project, the performance of the tech, and the overall customer experience. This feedback is crucial because it will allow us to get better!