The Boot Program

The Too Easy Enterprise LLC apprenticeship program is an entry-level program that will teach candidates business skills and soft skills. The program has been named the "Boot Program" and encompasses many skills that will be trained in the classroom and then applied in the field - from leadership to management skills.

Candidates will learn technical skills such as tile repair and installation, commercial cleaning, landscaping, drywall, and painting. Additionally, candidates will also learn and apply management and leadership skills, marketing, sales, and business operations towards the later part of the Boot Program.

During the Boot Program, the candidates will get a minimum of 2-hours of workgroup sessions, per week. Additionally, a weekly performance report will be conducted on a one-on-one basis.


The Boot Program will be 6-months long; with a total of 3 phases. During each phase, the candidate will test out in order to proceed into the next phase. Each phase of completion will earn the candidate a pay raise of $1 per hour, and increasing responsibilities.

During the last two months of the program, the candidates will receive career coaching - i.e. resume writing and interview skills training.


Why was the Boot Program started?

The founder exited the military with his last position being a Company Commander in the U.S. Army. During his time in Corporate America, he held three positions that were mid-level operations and General Management positions. This is when he realized that many of his Corporate America employees lacked basic leadership and management skills; and even worse, many them lacked the basic values needed in today's society.

The Boot Program is a deliberate Program of Instruction that will help young men and women fulfill those skills gaps.

What is the starting pay for the Boot Program?

Once accepted into the program, the starting pay is $9.00 per hour in the El Paso, Texas area (min wage in El Paso is $7.25 per hour). Pay increases will be every 2-months at $1 more per hour; assuming the candidate passes the requirements for each phase.

If we want to stay within the company after the Boot Program, how can we move up vertically?

Vertically moving up is possible within the El Paso, Texas area. If you have bolder visions for your future, you can startup another business unit at different location.


Is it selective to get into the Boot Program?

We are selective and try to enroll candidates that we feel will be successful in the program. For instance, candidates that already mirror our core values are more likely to be accepted into the program.

What if I don't want to learn handyman or janitorial work and only want to learn leadership skills and the business operations?

We require you to learn and do the handyman and janitorial work. You cannot lead by example if you don't have the technical skills. Fortunately, learning the technical skills to do general handyman and janitorial work is not time consuming. However, leading a team and inspiring them to give 100%, for a thankless job, is another story.


I'm a transitioning Veteran and still in the military or I'm a student, how flexible are the hours?

Our program is very flexible. We understand that military duty and school comes first, and we try to adjust the work schedules based on your availability.

How does this program help me if I'm already a Veteran?

Many Veterans learn leadership and operational skills while in the military. However, leading civilians and providing customer service is different. The Boot Program will help you fulfill this skills gap while providing additional skills such as interview and resume skills.

I'm interested in the Boot Program. How I do apply?

Email us your resume. Afterwards, you will get an email or a phone call scheduling you for an interview. We try to interview every potential candidate.