Our Approach

At Too Easy Enterprise LLC, we are deliberate in the training and mentoring of our employees.

This is our competitive advantage and why employees choose to work with Too Easy Enterprise LLC.

We use the apprenticeship model in order to inculcate core values, leadership,  management, soft skills, and to give our employees a deliberate career path.

This career path can be to move on to another company or to grow within our company - we provide hands-on training to get you to the next level. The goal is to train and develop while maintaining an unbeatable culture.

In the case of Too Easy Enterprise LLC, the goal is to train young men and women while giving them the room to learn and develop from practical hands-on experience. After the completion of the paid 12-month program, candidates will have led teams, learned and inculcated core values, planned an operation, and applied so many other skills that cannot be merely taught in a classroom.

Lastly, every tech project that the apprentice completes will be documented by project type, customer POC, master tech trainer POC, date, and hours.

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A Story from the Founder

In July 1995, I was a Private (lowest ranking Soldier) in the U.S. Army, station in Fort Hood, Texas. It was an extremely hot summer, and our 1ST Sergeant (highest enlisted rank in the company) just called a formation; gathering of all the Soldiers in order to put out information.

I was the guidon bearer at the time. It is considered an honor being the guidon bearer because you were responsible for the company colors. However, at that moment in time, I did not feel very motivated because I had just finished cutting the entire motor-pool's grass areas (this is what the lowest rank in the Army gets you...lots of grass to cut).

My 1ST Sergeant said something very profound, to the formation, that stuck with me throughout my military career: "It doesn't matter if you are a 4-star General making strategic plans or a Private picking up trash, if you do it to the best of your abilities, you will be successful in the Army."

Give 100% to everything you do - now that is a recipe for success.

Orlando G.