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Our Story

Too Easy Enterprise LLC was started by a retired Veteran that was burned by a local contractor - here one day, and gone the next.

From that point on, he saw a need for a reliable service that not only provides day-to-day handyman services, but also provides peace of mind for the customer.

The founder also realized another problem after transitioning out of the Army.

After retiring from the military, the founder held three Corporate America positions: two mid-level operations management position and a General Management position.

He realized that many of his Corporate America employees lacked basic leadership and management skills; and even worse, many of them lacked the basic values needed for today's society. The Boot Program was created.

The Boot Program is a deliberate Program of Instruction that helps young men and women fill those skills gaps. It is our competitive advantage and our social cause - training and developing young men and women.

Too Easy Enterprise - the meaning of the name

I've had this question asked to me many times: Orlando, “why would you name your handyman company Too Easy Enterprise”?

Here is my Army story (preview: it has something to do with trust and your state-of-mind).

I was in basic training in 1994. Drill Sergeants have an uncanny way of calling you names, and making you move faster than lightning – while making you feel good about yourself.

When my Drill Sergeant wasn’t walking around and calling us FRED (which I eventually found out meant Freaking Retarded Every Day), he would be giving us tasks to get done. And he would always remind us that we were lower than whale crap – but he would also say that it didn’t get any lower than that, and the only way we can go is “up”.

It was a privilege to get a task from our Drill Sergeants, and we did not want to let him down. On occasion, my Drill Sergeant would say, “Private Gonzo, I need you to take your squad and take that hill (or clean the hell out of the latrine)”!

And then he would look at me and say, “Too Easy…Private?” And I would automatically reply back, “Too Easy…Drill Sergeant…Too Easy!!” and then execute.

Even if it wasn’t “Too Easy” I had the state-of-mind that I would get it done – no matter what the obstacles were. My Drill Sergeant trusted me enough to know that the job would get done, and it gave him the opportunity to do other things – and it kept me from getting smoked (i.e push-ups, front-back-go, little-man-in-the-woods, bear walk).

Throughout my Army career—as a Drill Sergeant myself, or as a Company Commander towards the later part of my career—whenever I was given a task; my reply would always be “Too Easy”.

I dubbed my handyman company as Too Easy Enterprise because it is based on the foundation of trust – between my handyman technicians and my customers. My customers want peace of mind that it will get done.

What is important to understand is that when people (your boss, customers, and etc) task you with a job, it is just try-outs for something bigger in the near future. Do it to the best of your abilities and never let self-doubt get the best of you.

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